28th Annual Katy Triathlon, Duathlon and Aquabike Returns to Cane Island on September 5th

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Fundraiser for Samantha Gower by Lindsay Trees : Help Equip Sam to be an  IRONWOMAN
Samantha Gower is a triple amputee will be participating in our Katy Triathlon.  Samantha is an ICU nurse and was expecting a third child 7 months ago, when complications arose. Unfortunately, the baby did not live and Samantha had both of her legs and her left hand
be amputated due to the medications that helped her survive.
Sam is back to enjoying life with her family after rehabilitation and has the most astounding outlook on life as she will compete in IRONMAN.
Her goal is to push her limits and enjoy the sport!  There have been a handful of male amputees in IRONMAN, it's time the bilateral amputee ladies are represented!  She has received her "walking legs" and is eagerly awaiting her "running." 
The Katy Triathlon will be her first competition so come out and cheer her and other athletes on this Sunday, September 5.