Memorial Tower at Freedom Park

The Memorial Tower is a 52-foot tall structure with a massive stainless steel star adorning the top. David Baker created that crowning piece. Artifacts from all three of the 9/11 crash sites, as well as other items of importance such as a Bible, Purple Heart medal, Fort Bend County flag, and others, are in the pentagon-shaped base of the tower.

Some beautiful mosaic murals are depicting the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard, which border both sides of a sidewalk near the memorial tower.

June 29, 2015
  1. American flag pin
  2. Artifacts from Ground Zero 9/11 site, NYC
  3. Artifacts from 9/11 Pentagon crash site
  4. Artifacts from 9/11 Pennsylvania crash site
  5. Challenge Coin – VFW State Commander, Dan West, 2015-2016
  6. Challenge Coin – UDT Seal, Donated by Ron Relf, UDT 12, Seal Team One in honor of all U.S. Navy Frogmen and Seals past, present, & future
  7. Holy Bible
  8. Roster of Katy Rotary Club charter members and current members
  9. Roster of sponsors of the Memorial Tower at Freedom Park
  10. U.S. Army Purple Heart medal, awarded to Edward C. Bland
  11. Katy Masonic Lodge 1439 Coin
  12. Katy Masonic Lodge Officer Induction June 27, 2015
  13. Masonic Lodge Pamphlet, The Legacy Grows
  14. Masonic Lodge Pamphlet, What Has Masonry Done for the World
  15. Katy Masonic Lodge 1439 Roster
  16. Katy Masonic Lodge List of Deceased Lodge Brothers
  17. Arabia Shrine Temple, West Side Shrine Club, Chartering Roster
  18. Arabia Shrine Temple, West Side Shrine Club, 2015 Roster
  19. Arabia Shrine Temple, Activity calendar, 2013
  20. Rotary Club of Katy, Charter
  21. Rotary Club of Katy, Roster, 1950s and photos
  22. Rotary Club of Katy, Roster Members and Officers, 2014-2015
  23. David Frishman, Katy Rotary Club President, receiving Banner from District Governor, Jim Carroll, 1979
  24. Katy Rotary Club member, Ward Stanberry, list of Katy Rotary Club Members that served in the armed services
  25. Katy Rotary Club member, Ward Stanberry, list of Katy Rotary Club Members that served in World War II
  26. Katy Independent School District, Internet site documents, history, and School Board Members, Superintendent Alton Fraley, Katy Rotary Member
  27. City of Katy, Mayor and Council Members, and documents
  28. CD, computer, with Miscellaneous documents written/saved in Miscosoft Word and Adobe pdf
  29. David Frishman business card and personal effects
  30. VFW Roster and VFW documents
  31. Fort Bend County Flag

Photos from Ceremony 2015